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Started this to kill a little time before the book I'm waiting for is released.

Ok, so I picked up this book in one of the "buy 1 get 1" sales that audible had a few months ago, and figured I'd give it a try while waiting for the release of the next book I want to read. So far, I find the writing of one of the main characters, or maybe just the voice performance to be a little off-putting. The character in question is the queen, who is supposed to be a bit unsure of herself and maybe a bit of a nervous nellie. The narrator does a good job at portraying this with her voice, but doesn't recognize when it should be turned off... The result is listening to this queen mumble and hesitate her way through every conversation she has, whether it is a conversation with her advisors, her daughter, her subjects or her servants. Surely there is some conversation in there where she can put a little authority in her voice? As of now I am a little over halfway through the book and have just found out that half of what I have read so far is COMPLETELY inconsequential to the story. We'll see how it turns out.

Publisher's Summary

Orphaned, exiled and hunted, Cérulia, Princess of Weirandale, must master the magic that is her birthright, become a ruthless guerilla fighter, and transform into the queen she is destined to be.

But to do it she must win the favor of the spirits who play in mortal affairs, assemble an unlikely group of rebels, and wrest the throne from a corrupt aristocracy whose rot has spread throughout her kingdom.

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