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Interested in What I'm Reading Right Now?
My must-reads


The Codex Alera

A completed 6 book series written by Jim Butcher on a bet. Wonderfully crafted world, excellent story teller, one of my favorite series to date.

Book 1-   Furies of Calderon


The Dresden Files

Another series by Jim Butcher (just an amazing author), about Chicago's only openly practicing Wizard. Did I mention he's also a Private Investigator? Oh, and there are also already 16 books in this series with more to come. Plenty to keep you busy for a while.

Book 1-   Storm Front


The Stormlight Archive

Another wonderful series, currently standing a 4 books with more to come, featuring superb world crafting, with details delivered so organically that they simply present as part of the story instead of some long convoluted explanation. Tales so expansive and including a myriad of "main" characters who are interwoven seamlessly. Brandon Sanderson is a master of storytelling.

Book 1-  The Way of Kings


Art of the Adept

The Newest discovery on my list. A tale about a wizard, trained the right way, in the methods lost to the current population, by the last TRUE wizard. Very compelling story and a great listen. 2 books in and I cant wait for the next one to come out on audible

Book 1-   The Choice of Magic


Book of the Ancestor

Looking for a trilogy with a strong female lead? Look no farther, A young woman who is rescued by the local convent, of warrior nuns... this is an excellent series, told by extraordinary authors, about an exceptional young woman.

Book 1-   Red Sister


More to come


More to come

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